The Benefits of Attending a Christian School

Parents address so many important decisions when rearing children. And one of the most important is their education. It plays such a critical role in a child’s development that the schools your child attends can’t be a given. Children are unique individuals and there’s no “one-size-fits-all” school. Fortunately, there are many more options today than in the past: public schools, online schools, homeschooling, secular private schools, hybrid schools, and of course, private religion-based schools. Each type of school has its pros and cons. We believe Christian schools have the most pros—hands down. But some may say we are a tad biased, so to be fair, we will explain the many pros of Christian schools.

Size and personalization are big benefits of Christian schools. Teacher/student ratios are some of the best you will find. Some public schools have 1,000 or more students per grade and are simply unable to provide all that a smaller Christian school can provide. A great deal of personal attention is given to Christian school students, and the advantage of teaching methods that are tailored to each student is priceless.

Then there is the curriculum. Christian schools rank high here as well. Christian schools have no national, state, or county restrictions on curricula. They seek out parental input. Christian schools teach grammar, literature, rhetoric, history and math through a Christian lens. In many Christian schools students receive a classical education and master skills such as oratory skills that most public schools had to eliminate years ago.

It would probably be difficult to find a person who hasn’t learned to tread lightly when discussing their religion. This isn’t the case at Christian schools. Faith-based schools can not only mention God, but they can incorporate worship into the school day. Creation is taught alongside evolution. And Christmas is not a bad word!

Every parent who has a child in a Christian school wants their child to be there; it is a privilege, not a right. These schools have high expectations of students and anyone who does not meet these expectations, whether behavioral or academic, can be asked to leave.

But there are other, less obvious benefits of Christian schools. Many Christian schools require uniforms, which eliminates the pressure of wearing the “cool” styles and the right labels. Parents think back fondly on their school days and often realize team sports or school plays were an important part of their school experience, and they want the same for their children. Students generally have much more opportunity to participate in sports, theatre, robotics and most extracurricular activities in Christian schools. The competition is extremely stiff (as in personal batting coaches and personal trainers) in large public schools. Good athletes don’t make the team and if they do, they don’t play; there are too many excellent athletes.

Christian schools offer a combination of spiritual growth, a safe environment, strong parent involvement, personalized teaching, and the opportunity for students to participate in all extracurriculars that interest them. Christian schools are much more than reading, writing and arithmetic. Children should spend their seven-hour days, five-days a week receiving not only an excellent, well-rounded education, but also with educators who hold and promote the values and faith of their parents. A Christian school fits the bill.