Griffin Christian School – Elementary’s growth has resulted from the Lord’s blessing and an outstanding academic program. Our curriculum provides students with the best possible program emphasizing mastery of the fundamentals.

At GCS – Elementary the educational curriculum is designed for the average to above average student to achieve excellence.

Realizing the difference in innate ability we encourage and expect each student to perform to his or her maximum potential.

Griffin Christian School – Elementary will prepare your student to be an informed, discerning citizen who is solidly equipped with the knowledge to succeed in future academics, career, and life.

Download a PDF of the Academic Curriculum Here

The basic curriculum used at GCS – Elementary is the A Beka curriculum. These materials have gained a reputation as being some of the finest Christian textbooks available. They are written with a “back to the basics” philosophy and require much student involvement in class activities and homework assignments.

We do use some materials that are not part of the A Beka Curriculum. All materials selected for use in the GCS – Elementary must be in harmony with the stated goals of GCS – Elementary.


Spiritual growth is one of the major purposes of this institution. Chapel is an integral part of this growth process. Chapel services are held on a regularly scheduled basis.


Griffin Christian School is fully SACS Credited and also by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. GCS – Elementary is also a member of ILCS.