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Our purpose is to give students a solid academic foundation while emphasizing Christian character and patriotism. We invite you to explore our site to learn more about the advantages of attending Griffin Christian School.

2019-2020 Open house on August 1 from 4-7pm.

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Griffin Christian School is fully SACS Credited and also by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. We are also a member of ILCS.


Middle/High School

Not All Screen Time Is Created Equal?

What it is: A new study suggests that screen time alone isn’t to blame for rising rates of teen depression and anxiety. Rather, screen time dedicated to social media might be the culprit. Why it’s new-ish: The study examined 6,595 12- to 15-year-olds for possible connections between time spent on social media and adverse behaviors or decreased mental health. It found that “three […]


Back in the Swing of Things

This summer went by quickly, that’s for sure. Many of us – whether a student, parent, teachers, or administrator – have mixed feelings about heading back to school. Some are sad to see the end of long, carefree days. Some dread homework, some are excited to see friends after a “boring” summer, some look forward […]