Building Excellence from the Inside Out

Our purpose is to give students a solid academic foundation while emphasizing Christian character and patriotism. We invite you to explore our site to learn more about the advantages of attending Griffin Christian Schools.

2018-2019 Open house on August 9 from 4-7pm.

(Grades K-6)
(Grades 7-12)

Griffin Christian Schools are fully SACS Credited and also by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. We are also a member of ILCS.


High School

Simple ideas to ease the transition back to school

Ah – the bittersweet blend of urgency and sadness: there are just a few weeks remaining in summer break. Whether you’re excited about school starting again, or you want the summer to last forever, it’s an inevitable next step in the cycle of the year. We’ve gathered a few pointers to help ease the transition, […]


God’s incredible gift of choice

Many students see the beginning of the school year as an opportunity to explore or realign their relationships with academics or social, athletic, or activity groups. What a wonderful opportunity for students, and what a wonderful opportunity for parents to talk with their children about the gift and power of choice! As Christians and as […]