Teaching Morality in the Classroom

While many schools hyper-focus on test scores and technology, values have commonly been pushed to the side, especially in public schooling. This leads many to consider Christian private school, as a faith-based education combines morals with an exceptional academic and extracurricular educational experience.


When God’s word is the focus in learning, morals are ingrained into everything from science to art. Throughout the day, God is spoken about, learned about, and celebrated in Christian schools. Students are emboldened to explore their faith and discover God’s plan for them, while discovering that God is present in every area of their life.


While parents are the most influential force when guiding their child’s principles and beliefs, teachers play a crucial part as well. Even though you will find hard working and fantastic educators in schools, both public and private, the teac
hers at Christian schools have a passion for values and God. Parents can feel confident that their teachings at home are extending to school and after-school activities.


Academics may be what gets a student into the college of their choice, but the character they build during their elementary, middle, and high school years is what will sustain them throughout college and beyond. A Christian-based education is intended to influence minds both intellectually and spiritually, providing students the tools needed to navigate the world today.


While in a private Christian school, like Griffin Christian Schools, every student gets the attention they need to excel with integrity. Private school is more family-like, cultivating respect between teachers and students, as children are educated to love both God and their neighbor. Students are taught both academic and biblical lessons, and the meaning behind them, without falling behind because the class size is too large. Furthermore, issues like bullying, cheating, violence, and peer pressure are directly addressed, leaving students little to question in the authority of Scripture.