Ready for College? Why Private School is a Smart Choice.

Christian private schools, like Griffin Christian High School, offer many advantages for college-bound students. One of those key benefits is being academically and socially ready for the next four years and more. Beyond a strong curriculum and more individual attention for each student, graduates grasp how God has an integral presence in their everyday world. They consider learning a life-long privilege and know it extends far outside the reach of the classroom walls. As students move on to the next phase of their education, the community and culture they experience at a Christian private school will guide them year after year.

Below are seven key advantages you will find at private and Christian academies:

Exceptional Academics – With a smaller student to teacher ratio and an overall higher level of administrative and parental involvement, students at private schools most likely excel in their academic pursuits, usually completing college level work before they graduate highs school.

High Expectations – Private schools demand a lot of their students. Unlike overcrowded public schools, a private school not only requires a high level of academic effort, but instills work ethic, smart study skills, and time management.

Scheduling – Many students start college and feel overwhelmed keeping track of their calendar. Private school graduates are already used to successfully juggling flexible schedules, team sports, after school clubs, and volunteering activities.

The Best Teachers – Private and Christian schools aim to hire the best educators they can find, and in turn, the students benefit significantly. At private schools, teachers are more than instructors. They are advisers, coaches, and mentors. This guidance stays with students long after high-school graduation.

College Counseling – Just as in the classroom, a smaller number of students means guidance and college counselors have a better grasp on which undergraduate school will work best for each student. They are available to assist in choosing a school and help in the application process.

Preparing for Tough Choices – Faith-based schools not only teach math and reading, but they also communicate Christian values and instill morality that will be vital as college students are faced with ethical challenges socially and in even in the classroom.

Continued Learning – When you choose a private academy that instills a love of learning, that student will never want to stop discovering. An appreciation for knowledge continues throughout a person’s entire life, whether through advanced degrees or spreading the Word.

Private school graduates, especially in faith-based settings, enter college with the confidence, talent, values, and maturity to complete their degree with a sense of commitment. They know who they are, and serve in the direction of their passion and purpose.