How to Prepare for Testing

Taking tests are part of being in school, and with the school year ending soon and summer around the corner, assessment tests for many students will be administered. While testing may be a stressful, and often wearisome, obligation for students, there are many things that parents
and students can do outside of the classroom in order to be prepared.

How Parents Can Help Their Children

First, parents need to be informed of what the test will encompass and when their child will be tested. At Griffin Christian Academy, our achievement testing takes place April 24th through the 27th. Teachers and administrators are on hand to answer any questions that parents may have about the process. Next, parents should look for ways that they can help their child prepare for the test. If your child has struggled with a subject matter, doing some extra practice at home will give them some added confidence the day of the exam. The night before the assessments, make sure your child goes to bed at a reasonable time and has a healthy breakfast the next morning. Lastly, before they leave for school, double check that they have everything they need, like pencils, paper, or a calculator, in order to complete the test to the best of their ability.

How Students Can Help Themselves

Students also take on a significant portion of the responsibility when it comes to test taking. Preparing for achievement testing starts on the first day of school. Being prepared and paying attention in class, as well as completing all homework assignments and class projects, help
develop the abilities necessary to be successful in school. Students can also do many things outside of school that will help them establish useful testing skills, like reading on a regular basis or playing educational games, which increases vocabulary and cognitive capabilities. Furthermore, taking up a hobby or joining a club can teach time management, organizational skills, and fosters commitment.

For both parents and students, staying optimistic throughout the experience will help everyone remain calm. Once you receive the results, review the areas that needed improvement as well as the areas that received high scores. Testing should be an insightful and positive experience for everyone.