God’s incredible gift of choice

Many students see the beginning of the school year as an opportunity to explore or realign their relationships with academics or social, athletic, or activity groups.

What a wonderful opportunity for students, and what a wonderful opportunity for parents to talk with their children about the gift and power of choice!

As Christians and as Americans we cherish our freedom to choose what we say and do. Truly, we have no freedom unless we are free to choose. Of course, as citizens of our country and our Griffin Christian Schools community, we are committed to certain laws, behaviors and rules. But for the most part, our day to day movement and activities are up to us.

Our choices are incredible opportunities, but God has also balanced each choice with resulting consequences.

God’s gift of free will is illustrated throughout the Bible, but the simplest example is from the very beginning. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve knew – because God had told Adam – that there was one rule in the garden: to not touch or eat the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden. They didn’t have to follow the rule, and they chose not to. The consequence was devastating: loss of paradise.

In breaking God’s rule, Adam and Eve chose their own will above God’s will. And that is the key.

God does not impose himself on us. All He wants is our love. He never forces, coerces or bargains. He invites and welcomes our good choices, waiting patiently.

Not only does he wait patiently, but when we make bad decisions, he welcomes us back with open arms. God always desires our best, whether it comes now or later.

So think back to the past few weeks since the start of the school year. Have you made choices that reflect God’s desires? Have you been demonstrating your love of God and Jesus in your actions? What changes will you make to positively grow your relationship with God and others?