Getting Creative to Learn Scripture

Even the most creative people sometime have “creative block.” It’s sort of like “writer’s block.” In other words, the idea well has run dry. There is no shame in this! Times like these are what Pinterest (if you don’t know about Pinterest, that will have to be explained in a future remedial post) is for.

Creativity certainly helps when trying learn Scripture. As meaningful as Bible verses can be to adults, they can feel a little…dry…to children living in today’s always-on, virtual world. As it turns out, Pinterest has a plentiful supply of fun ways to help kids memorize Bible verses. Here are some we like. Pick a few and give them a try!

  • Write a verse down and then cut each word out separately. Mix them up. Then put them back in the correct order. Make it more difficult by cutting between the book name and chapter and verse numbers!
  • Read or recite Bible verses to grandparents over FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype.
  • Recite Bible verses to earn device time.
  • Make family placemats out of poster board, write a different Bible verse on each one, and draw pictures related to the verse. Take turns reading them before and after meals. When someone says a verse by heart, they earn a reward. Thinking choosing the next family game, movie, or restaurant to hit for takeout.
  • Play “word erase,” by writing a Bible verse on a dry erase or chalkboard. Read it out loud. Then erase a word and recite it again, filing in the missing word from memory. Continue until the entire verse has been wiped off.
  • Make a fun coloring book of Bible verses using different fonts (there are lots of free font download sites!)
  • Add hand motions to go with words. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, strength…”
  • Point to your heart, head, bicep, etc.,
  • Recite a verse before each snack and meal.

Your Scripture learning block has been erased! These are great ways to make learning fun – and grow closer to the Lord’s word. Each of which, in itself, is a blessing.