February 10, 2017 Patriotic Concert

Dear Parents of GCA Students,

On February 10, the children will be performing in the student center.  The theme of the concert is patriotism and honoring those men and women who have served or are serving in the armed services.  Also, we will be honoring men and women who are currently serving us in the fields of law enforcement, the local fire departments, and emergency medical fields.

We would like to invite you to come and see your children perform, and eat lunch with your child.  This invitation is open to parents, grandparents, and special relatives by blood or not.  The program will begin at 10:15, and lunch will be served in the cafeteria and gymnasium.  Afterwards, if you would like to enjoy some special bonding time with your child, then the child may be checked out early from school without incurring a half-day absence.  We will need permission from the parents giving us permission to allow your child to go home with that special person.

Attached is a form to indicate to us the number of lunches that we will need to prepare for your family.  The cost is four dollars per lunch.  There is no cost for lunch for anyone who has served in the past or is currently serving in the military or the public safety fields.

In conclusion, I am excited about this annual event, and I am looking forward to seeing you on February 10.  Thank you again for allowing GCA to be a part of your family.


Mike Pendleton, Principal

Download the Patriotic Luncheon permission slip here

Download the Patriotic Concert Order Form here