Cultivating Leadership Through Curriculum

Leadership isn’t always something that you are born with. It is something that is taught and instilled as a child grows. These skills not only inspire confidence and conviction of one’s beliefs throughout childhood, but they improve a student’s chance of being accepted into the college of their choice, prepare them to take on university level academics and become a stand-out among their peers, and remain with them as they enter the workforce after graduation.

The path to leadership is not without effort. Some students are naturally born with these qualities, while others need help developing these skills. There are several things you can do at home to help your children advance and grow into leaders such as showing them how to face challenges and learn from their mistakes at an early age. Of course, the best way to instill leadership is for parents to be a leader themselves and demonstrate how a real leader behaves, believes, and treats others.

However, teaching these skills shouldn’t stop once they come to school. A strong curriculum, such as the one found at Griffin Christian, encourages leadership through not only academics, but service and ministry. Academics that test students mentally allows them to handle pressure and prepares them for future challenges. Working together in team activities also encourages students to take charge and helps everyone contribute towards a common goal. By allowing students to be a role model through their convictions, the aptitude for leadership is greatly encouraged. Students are taught how to have the mentality and ability to handle situations with the right attitude, and how to lead not only themselves but others as well.

There are always going to be leaders and followers, and while a child may follow in the teachings of The Bible, their parents, and their educators, there are times when they must step up and be a leader. They may need to address an unhealthy situation, take on a dispute, resist peer pressure, or make a life-changing choice. Developing leadership skills at an early age will help them have the confidence to make those hard decisions.