Back in the Swing of Things

This summer went by quickly, that’s for sure. Many of us – whether a student, parent, teachers, or administrator – have mixed feelings about heading back to school. Some are sad to see the end of long, carefree days. Some dread homework, some are excited to see friends after a “boring” summer, some look forward to structured days and others don’t. These are all normal feelings, but it doesn’t change the fact that the 2019-2020 school year has begun. It’s time for all members of the Griffin Christian community to make the best of it.

And even if you’re not sure, you have to admit it…something about the smell, feel, and look of new notebooks, crayons, and folders says, “Fresh start!”

The new school year is full of possibilities. Now is the time to set goals and plans to achieve them. Students might have a goal of making new friends, tackling homework right after school, and going to bed on time. Teachers may resolve to consciously stop to take a few deep breaths when feeling frustrated, or having all papers graded within three days of their due date. Parents might plan to enforce bedtime consistently (without yelling) and have everything in order the night before school to keep morning chaos to a minimum. And we all want to be and stay organized. These are admirable goals, but remember that the road to a goal often includes traffic, flat tires, both pretty and dull scenery and sometimes it even includes getting lost and having to go back again.

What’s important is that even though you are starting out with confidence and big goals, there will be bumps in the road. But how you deal with challenges is crucial to overcoming them.

It’s OK to be temporarily shaken, but then you must re-focus and put all your energy into solving the problem and getting back on your way. Setting goals without leaving room for slip-ups and even regression is setting yourself up to fail. Only God is perfect. He doesn’t expect you to be, so don’t expect it of yourself. There will be a night, or even a morning (gasp!) when you make lunch and realize the ingredients for a perfectly balanced, healthy meal that includes all food groups is not possible. A child will survive a lunch without carrots. Besides, he or she is probably swapping carrots for cookies with the one carrot-lover in the class. As organized as a student is, every notebook, worksheet, pencil and ruler will not stay in the exact place or condition as on the first day of school.

So just go to the grocery store or clean out that book bag and move on. Maybe that should be the goal for this school year: save your energy for problem solving, instead of regrets and negative thinking. It’s another school year. Another fresh start. And it’s going to be an awesome year!