Welcome to Griffin Christian Preschool

Griffin First Assembly’s Early Childhood Learning Academy, as a private childcare institution, reserves the privilege of setting and maintaining its own standards for student conduct; however, we fully follow the rules and regulations of Georgia’s Childcare Programs as determined through the Bright From the Start Program. Admission to the center is a privilege and not a right. Therefore, the school maintains the right to admit and continue enrollment only those families who are in harmony with the standards of the school.

Admission is based upon the availability of the classroom based on age, completion of all enrollment forms, and need for full-time childcare status. Behavior is also carefully considered and will determine a child’s ability to remain even once enrollment has been accepted. We can accept children with special needs; unfortunately, prior to making the determination for final acceptance the specific needs of the child must be disclosed as we may not be fully staffed with the ability to meet their individual needs in order to provide the best care at the time of applying.

The school maintains the right to refuse admittance to anyone if it so chooses and to dismiss any student or family who violates the set standards.

The following procedure will be helpful to new students when applying for admission to our center:

–Obtain an application packet from the preschool office or by downloading the documents below.

–Complete the application form and return it to the center with the appropriate fees as stated on the application.

–For new students, a current immunization (GA form 3300) must be provided.