Building Excellence from the Inside Out

Our purpose is to give students a solid academic foundation while emphasizing Christian character and patriotism. We invite you to explore our site to learn more about the advantages of attending Griffin Christian Schools.

Open house on August 3rd from 4-7pm.

(Grades K-6)
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Griffin Christian Schools are fully SACS Credited and also by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. We are also a member of ILCS.


High School

Managing Your Child’s Social Media

Parenting in the digital age is tricky. The moment you give your child a phone, they have access to social media. But, before you give your teen or tween access to these sites, slow down and consider how the world of social media actually works. These sites are full of distractions, temptations, and can be […]

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Good Study Habits Start Early

When we think of studying, many of us picture teenagers in front of a book, cramming for their next exam. The reality is that as assignments start coming home and exams start creeping into the school year, younger students need to develop essential study skills as well. The ability to retain information is different for […]